loan origination system

Transforming the Mortgage Industry
with the world’s first
“Loan Team
Optimization Platform”

We aim to become the one stop shop to
help you close loans lightning fast,
through innovation and intuitive
customer experience.

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Our Philosophy

01.Information at your fingertips

Focusing on your critical business outcomes inflooens simplifies all customer and employee interactions within a single cloud based ecosystem.

We provide a single source of truth with our Empower Framework

A complete 360° view of the customer, partner and loan lifecycle

Emphasis on the process and compliance integrated into the core

“so that your agents can always address any customer inquiries in a timely way”

02.Transforming the Mortgage Lifecycle

inflooens brings to life your mortgage process and guides your teams outcomes improving their productivity and reducing processing times.

Outcome focused automation

Intelligent Advisors to empower agents “Next Best Action”

Walks users through the loan journey
through integrated task reminder

“enabling your business to become more efficient, responsive, and dynamic to changing business conditions”

03.Trust & Confidence with A Future

Trust & Confidence in the face of change. Our solution architecture allows you to face your changing business requirements, security threats, business growth with confidence.

Customize your business requirements
as best suited for your customers

Grow your business with the security and scalability provided by Salesforce

Emphasis on the process and compliance integrated into the core

“ensures that your business can scale, adapt to changing business needs, technical innovation while providing world class security”

04.Innovation as a Culture

We believe in disrupting the mortgage industry with outcomes focused innovation. We strive to continuously improve user experience and performance by using cutting edge technology.

Accelerating the loan process through an intuitive user experience guided by AI, OCR, Blockchain and more

Predictive analytics to create disruptive outcomes

Our future goal is to develop Virtual Assistants to make inflooens the smartest CRM solution

“our team is focused on empowering your business with consumable technology focused on business outcomes”

Our Loan Team Optimization Platform

Mortgage CRM

Mortgage CRM

The world’s smartest CRM with guided selling and marketing will keep customers coming back and expand your referral network.

Client Portal

Client Portal

Keep customers informed & engaged. Provide transparency on the go at every stage of the loan process with access to our Client Portal and the inflooens mobile app.

Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance

Eliminate tedious loan commission calculations with capability to instantly see what your team’s payout will be once you close a loan.

Pricing and Quotation

Pricing and Quotation

Empower your partners and loan teams with real time pricing and quotes. Launch new products with lightning speed to create competitive advantage across all market conditions.

Loan Origination

Loan Origination

Scale your business performance with our intuitive and actionable analysis with ways to guide your next actions. Delight your customers with loan process automation designed for accurate and super fast outcomes.

Post Closing Automation

Post Closing Automation

All your paperwork from indexing documents, routing documents through their workflow, and preparing the file for secondary markets is automated so you can celebrate with ease.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Create disruptive outcomes by predicting trends from macro levels with capabilities to drill down to individual consumers.

Loan servicing and Contact Center

Loan servicing and
Contact Center

Treat customers like royalties via comprehensive digital self service capabilities, and full service contact centers through the entire loan term.

Customers Can Expect up to

lower TCO of IT systems


lower TCO of
IT systems
productivity gains


faster processing of loans


faster processing
of loans
growth in customers over 3 years


growth in customers
over 3 years
increase in referrals


increase in referrals
over 3 years

Come, join us in our mission to innovate and transform the Mortgage Industry with our Loan Team Optimization Platform.