Make the right choice for Mortgage CRM

By inflooens on October 31, 2020

make the right choice for mortgage crm


“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” This quote by renowned business author, Michael LeBoeuf, is something that all business should live by. In the mortgage industry, this is even more pertinent because it is a customer-centric, people-driven market, where customer relationship management is key for business growth. You can read about how customer experience is a differentiator in the Mortgage Industry in our blog. According to a 2018 report by Gartner, the CRM software market grew by 15.6% globally with a quarter of the enterprise application software revenue coming from CRM. The market is expected to reach over $35 billion by 2023.

As a result, there have been industry-specific CRMs to address particular needs and pain-points successfully, including solutions for the mortgage industry. In a market flooded with options, finding the right Mortgage CRM platform for you can be quite a challenge. In this blog, we discuss what are some of the factors you can consider while investing in a Mortgage CRM platform, like inflooens, for your business.

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We have discussed the importance of mortgage CRM software for mortgage lenders in detail in an earlier blog. Many of the Mortgage CRMs available in the market boast of rich features are functionality. It can be overwhelming to make the right decision with too much information. To make it simple, here are the 4 features your Mortgage CRM platform should have.

  • 1. Lead Generation and Tracking with Mortgage CRM

    A good loan officer knows the importance of leads in keeping the business up and running. Without customers, there is no business. It is vital for the best mortgage CRM platform to have lead generation and tracking tools. The platform should not only be able to store referral contacts, but also offer a system for notifications, appointment scheduling, and management to prioritize the most promising leads. Lead generation and tracking cost time and money. A good mortgage CRM platform will allow proper allocation of resources to get the most out of your investments. While managing clients is a skill that loan officers and lenders must possess to be successful, a mortgage CRM platform can definitely make the job easier. inflooens is the best mortgage CRM platform that offers lead generation and tracking features.
  • 2. Loan Pipeline Management and LOS integration

    The mortgage CRM platform should be able to integrate with Mortgage LOS (Loan Origination System) to provide end-to-end mortgage services. With LOS integration, loan officers will be able to view loan reports on-demand, track loans, and synchronize important data to improve their loan pipeline management. A good mortgage CRM should have intelligent features like workflow management that help in delivering critical tasks throughout the mortgage process. At the center of this are smart technologies like AI and ML that allow mortgage process automation to make loan officers’ job faster and easier. The mortgage CRM platform should also be able to provide information at your fingertips with regards to customer contact, loan status, pricing, and credit history. inflooens is a mortgage CRM platform that allows mortgage process automation.
  • 3. Analytics and Sales Performance Management

    A mortgage CRM platform is only worth its salt if it goes beyond mere collection and storage of lead and team data and provides valuable insights for all the activities being managed by the system. Enough has been discussed about the importance of data, but without ideal analysis and reporting, the data lies unutilized and is practically worthless. The mortgage CRM platform you choose should be able to provide predictive analytics that are readily available on an interactive dashboard. This will enable the business to make informed decisions for business strategy and improvement for growth. Real-time performance reports enable loan officers to see where they stand in terms of goal achievement. This information can be used to optimize lead generation and conversion efforts. With predictive analytics and sales performance management, inflooens is the smartest mortgage CRM in the market.
  • 4. Easy to use Mortgage CRM Platform

    According to research, ease of use is rated only second to functionality for CRM software while making a purchase decision. No matter how powerful the mortgage CRM software is or how many features it has, it will be of no use if it is hard to learn and use. There is a learning curve with most new technologies that are employed for a business, but the aim should be to minimize the time required for adoption. Loan officers should be able to find the mortgage CRM platform discoverable and easy to use. Navigation and interface should be user-friendly while being convenient and superior in terms of accessibility and features. The mortgage CRM platform needs to be set-up quickly and without adding too much burden of learning for the lenders. inflooens prides itself in being an easy to use mortgage CRM platform with minimum effort required for training and implementation.
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Mortgage CRM is an indispensable tool in today’s market. Adopting a mortgage CRM platform is an important business decision that requires a significant investment of time and money. Careful consideration is needed to make the right choice for your business and team of loan officers. A thorough study of features of a mortgage CRM should be done to ensure that you choose the best mortgage CRM that offers the required functionality, and is reliable and efficient. inflooens is a feature-rich and easy to use mortgage CRM platform, that delivers on all the important features discussed in this blog.

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