Integrated Solutions for Enabled Mortgage Processes

Inflooens is the next-generation, intuitive mortgage technology suite built on the Salesforce platform, that combines multiple applications into a single low-cost environment. We focus on empowering the lending team with information at their fingertips so that they can build life-long, trusted, client relationships.

The heavily regulated Retail Mortgage industry is complicated with fragmented IT systems. That’s why we simplify all customer and employee interactions within a single cloud-based environment.

Offer Overview

Simplifying the Mortgage journey from Acquisition to Servicing

01.Mortgage CRM

Accelerating the conversion of leads to loans

Simplifies finding new customers & partners

Proactive mining of customer data to identify opportunities

Maximize Referrals with proactive partner performance monitoring

“So you can reduce lead to loan time & effort, increase revenue, and grow customers & referral partners”

02.Loan Process Portal

Simplifying the loan process with collaboration, trust & transparency

Proactive mgmt. of workflow & workload for max throughput

Utilize Actionable insights & AI to Advise loan team

Transform silos into collaborative orchestration

“So you can increase revenue / employee efficiency, mitigate revenue risk, and reduce employee attrition”

03.Customer Portal

Empowering Customers to Self-Serve

Self-Service reduces loan team workload

Engaging & Interactive Customer Experiences

Leverage loan officer & AI to advise customers

“So you can reduce lead to loan time & effort, increase revenue and grow customer & referral partners”

Loan Team Optimization Platform


How we do it

We leverage the rich-features of the Salesforce platform to help you provide enhanced customer experience while saving valuable time and money during the loan cycle.

The inflooens Infinity Framework

  • 360-degree view that unifies all customer data and various departments
  • Real-time Communication with partners and borrowers
  • Impactful Dashboards for monitoring daily tasks and milestones
  • Analytics and Reports to keep you informed about referrals and lead conversions
  • LOS syncing for seamless operations

Leveraging Salesforce Salesforce

  • Taking the robust features of Salesforce, a step further
  • Making the most of emerging technologies with Bots, AI, NLP, OCR to make processes faster and reliable
  • Drawing from Core Salesforce functions with Lightning UI, BI and analytics, integrations, and security
  • Realizing advanced functionality by extending technologies like AWS, Amazon S3, Blockchain, and Adobe After Effects