Integrated Solutions for Enabled Mortgage Processes

With our solutions suite, experience the world’s first integrated, end-to-end, loan team optimization platform. We create business value for lenders by transforming the entire Mortgage Process by utilizing cutting-edge technology levers. Our platform provides the most efficient lending experience in the industry for banks, financial institutions, mortgage lenders, and credit unions. The inflooens Empower Framework allows you to personalize the borrowing journey for customers, nurture their home-buying prospects, and keep them engaged by making the experience truly digital and customer-centric.


Mortgage CRM

Experience the smartest Mortgage CRM in the market

Guided selling and marketing to engage customers

Appointment scheduling and Automated follow-up to make sure you never miss a lead

Easy-to-use portal that gives information on your fingertipswith robust forms and contracts

Lead tracking and prioritization for making most of your referrals

mortgage crm

Client Portal

Engaging and informative customer experience

client portal

Access through interactive inflooens platform

Transparency throughout the Mortgage Process

Track status of Mortgage Application

Submit documents and sign disclosures

One stop shop for all client needs

Sales Performance Management

Enhance team productivity

Automate tedious loan commission calculations with configurable Mortgage Commissions System

Create trust and with your sales teams

Track team performance pay-out at a glance

Manage day-to-day tasks for efficient team performance

Monitor timelines and milestones to keep you ahead in the game

sales performance management

Pricing and Quotation

Get current and accurate pricing information

pricing quotation

Mortgage Pricing System for accurate real-time pricing and quotes

Reduced turn-around time for higher client satisfaction

Quick launch new products for a competitive advantage

Optimize pricing models across all markets in one go

Loan Origination

State-of-Art Mortgage Loan Origination for seamless operations

Integrated LOS with embedded CRM tools and Plug-ins

Disrupt the Mortgage Industry with scalable and super-fast outcomes

Next generation automation to reduce risks and enhance customer expereince

loan origination

Post-Closing Automation

Interact with customers beyond loan processing

post closing automation

Automate all your paperwork to save valuable time and resources

Compliant content and workflows for hassle-free post-closing process

Efficient secondary market readiness

Predictive Analysis

Data at your fingertips

Harness the power of data with impactful and actionable insights

Predict trends to allocate resources to maximize profitability

Targeted and Personalized marketing outreach for maximized lead conversions

Configurable dashboards with interactive charts

predictive analysis

Loan servicing and Contact Centre

Enhance customer experience

loan servicing

Put customers first throughout the loan term

Set-up and manage full-service contact centers for faster issue resolution

Empower the customer with comprehensive digital self-service capabilities

Integrate service experience into marketing efforts

How we do it

We leverage the rich-features of the Salesforce platform to help you provide enhanced customer experience while saving valuable time and money during the loan cycle.

The inflooens Empower Framework

  • 360-degree view that unifies all customer data and various departments
  • Real-time Communication with partners and borrowers
  • Impactful Dashboards for monitoring daily tasks and milestones
  • Analytics and Reports to keep you informed about referrals and lead conversions
  • LOS syncing for seamless operations

Leveraging Salesforce

  • Taking the robust features of Salesforce, a step further
  • Making the most of emerging technologies with Bots, AI, NLP, OCR to make processes faster and reliable
  • Drawing from Core Salesforce functions with Lightning UI, BI and analytics, integrations, and security
  • Realizing advanced functionality by extending technologies like AWS, Amazon S3, Blockchain, and Adobe After Effects