Digitization of the mortgage industry

By inflooens on September 25, 2020

Digitization of the mortgage industry | inflooens


Digitization is called to transform the mortgage CRM industry by discussing issues varying from experience, risk, and regulatory compliance, to efficiency and cost containment, and asset quality. Lenders must shape a path to digitization or risk becoming inapplicable. Consumer’s expectations for seamless digital participation are set by many businesses. In order for retail banks to persist, they too should meet consumer’s demand by providing outstanding digital experiences. The mortgage CRM industry faces unparalleled challenges on the mission to digitization. The Mortgage CRM process is complicated, fragmented, and varies from bank to bank based on legacy funding systems. Furthermore, mortgage loan origination applications are not as flexible as other trading services. The need for inflooens mortgage CRM is growing and brings a lot of value to lenders who are struggling to generate confidence in consumers. The financial crisis of 2008 is still fresh in the minds of borrowers, and now we have this COVID-19 which is affecting economic growth and present us with unprecedented challenges.

To overcome this situation, inflooens being a digital platform is doing everything to provide transparency and to deliver a superlative client experience. Despite of all the security and convenience, there are a few people who would preferably apply for a loan in a non-digital mode. This non-digital approach is becoming less common. Given the option, people are starting to choose this frictionless way— even those who were reluctant at first for opting digitization.

First-time homebuyers—who are used to doing everything online, and who are new to budgeting for a real-estate investment—will endure the inflooens experience because of intuitive design and seamless process.

The result of inflooens's collaboration is a safe, convenient and superior, secure environment that provides instant and accurate feedback. Customers not only distinguish what they can borrow right away, but they can also rest assured that their private information will remain confidential and at the fingertips. That’s because everything happens under the one banner. i.e. privacy is crucial, actionable and empowering. At no point are borrowers guided to an external website or carried to another application. Dealing with a particular entity, even when proceeding online, creates a more powerful level of trust.

Moving into the app space, adopting electronic verification technology, and Mortgage CRM Process Automation have helped inflooens make the loan origination application process a lot more human. inflooens have outlined a compelling approach that unites cutting-edge digital tools with the one-on-one communications that can take place in a digital platform. Fortunately, digitizing of services is not an all or nothing position. Leaders in the mortgage CRM industry are taking a systematic approach to automation by leveraging platforms, like inflooens, as an attainable first step along their digitization path.

Digital Mortgage Trends | inflooens
Source: Digital Mortgage Inforaphic https://bit.ly/3j2ScLh

The end goal of inflooens is to keep communications open and to provide with a modern loan origination experience that speaks to their needs. inflooens has succeeded, but this is only the beginning of an ongoing fintech transformation. We can only imagine how much more inflooens can do as digital lending technology evolves. The mortgage CRM powered by Salesforce industry is changing—and inflooens intend to change with it.

Inflooens provides:

  • Enhanced working experience through a frictionless method and faster acknowledgment rates via fintech.
  • Improved value margins through lowered operating costs, advanced throughput, and heightened productivity.
  • Developed and improved data integrity and approachability.
  • Simplified compliance audits.

For more insight into why digitizing the back office is a logical first step to digitizing lending operations, log on to www.inflooens.com.