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Mortgage Automation - A strategic priority

Mortgage Automation - A strategic priority

Mortgage Automation should be a well-known term if you work in the Mortgage Industry, and especially if you deal with Loan Origination Systems.

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how are fintech startups bringing innovation in financial services

How are Fintech Startups bringing Innovation in Financial Services

People's perspective towards technological advancement in financial services has changed since last year. Many people have

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key takeaways for mortgage loan officers

Key Takeaways for Mortgage Loan Officers - MBA CREF21

Professionals need opportunities to connect at common forums, and the same goes for people in the Mortgage Industry. This has never been more true before, as we have

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how to make loan applications easy for customers with mortgage pricing systems

How to make Loan applications easy for customers with Mortgage Pricing Systems?

Gone are the days when loan originators had to figure out the pricing method of mortgage rates from fax machine printouts.

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roadmap for a sustainable mortgage loan origination system

How are Efficient Mortgage Commissions Systems created?

In the mortgage industry, Mortgage Loan Officers are the star performers of a mortgage lenders’ business. Mortgage Lenders need to keep Loan Officers happy

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roadmap for a sustainable mortgage loan origination system

Roadmap for a Sustainable Mortgage Loan Origination System

Investment in a Mortgage Loan Origination System is a huge commitment for any lending institution. While Fintech Startups

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mortgage automation platform best use cases for mortgage lenders

The future-ready Loan Origination System

Loan Origination involves loan application by the borrower to the sale of the house and everything in between! The entire loan origination process is governed by a loan

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mortgage automation platform best use cases for mortgage lenders

Mortgage Automation Platform – Best Use Cases for Mortgage Lenders

Digital Mortgage Solutions have taken the lending world by storm. Mortgage Lenders are realizing that mortgage automation

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does your mortgage crm have these tools

Does your Mortgage CRM have these tools?

Mortgage CRM is the best way to get your client’s attention. It helps mortgage consultants or loan officers attract and

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do you have the best loan origination system

Do you have the Best Loan Origination System?

With the quick deployment of COVID vaccination programs, markets are hopeful of accelerated economic recovery in the coming

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workflow management with mortgage process automation

Workflow Management with Mortgage Process Automation

The mortgage lifecycle is a tedious process with many steps involved. Add to that compliance and regulatory issues, and you have

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what are the expectations from a mortgage loan officer

What are the expectations from a Mortgage Loan Officer?

The employment of loan officers is to grow to 3% from 2019 to 2029, based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Mortgage Loan

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five ways fintech startups are preventing loan defaults

5 ways Fintech Startups are Preventing Loan Defaults

Lending is a risky business. Whether your business is large or small, managing cash flow is a challenging task. When Mortgage

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mortgage transformation in the digital age

Mortgage Transformation in the Digital Age

As we enter the new year, Whether it is working from home, online classes for students, or even Mortgage Process Automation

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improving bottom lines with mortgage loan origination system

Improving Bottom-lines with Mortgage Loan Origination System

Despite Mortgage Innovation and advances in technology the Mortgage Loan Origination Systems

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automated mortgage commissions system and its benefits

Automated Mortgage Commissions System and its benefits

There is good news expected for Mortgage Loan Officers this year. Mortgage industry trends for 2021

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technology trends for mortgage los in 2021

Technology Trends for Mortgage LOS in 2021

The Mortgage sector is witnessing a substantial disruption mainly driven by the user demand for

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the mortgage rate predictions for 2021 thumbnail

The Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2021

The Mortgage industry has faced a lot of unpredictable changes due to the pandemic in the past year.

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how finTech startups are disrupting the mortgage industry thumbnail

How FinTech Startups are Disrupting the Mortgage Industry

FinTech startups are taking the world of Mortgage LOS by storm. With more than 6 million home

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mortgage process automation to increase revenue

Mortgage Process Automation to Increase Revenue

The need to meet the demands of tech-savvy customers is crucial for the Mortgage Industry

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mortgage pricing systems and role of mortgage crm

Mortgage Pricing Systems and Role of Mortgage CRM

A thorough understanding of mortgage pricing systems is necessary for being a successful

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lead generation tips for loan officers thumbnail

Lead Generation Tips for Loan Officers

Lead generation is an integral part of the job for loan officers to survive in the Mortgage Industry.

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innovating mortgage loan origination system with artificial intelligence

Innovating Mortgage Loan Origination System with Artificial Intelligence

Loan Origination System is the most crucial part of the Mortgage Process. The responsibility to

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mortgage industry underwriting process and ways to improve it

Mortgage Industry Underwriting Process and Ways to Improve it

Did you know that the underwriting process in the Mortgage Industry got affected by COVID-19? Businesses went bankrupt

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how data and analytics are causing mortgage

How Data and Analytics are causing Mortgage Disruption?

Need information at your fingertips about a mortgage? Data Analytics helps you in getting real-time information

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the impact of us electionson the mortgage industry

The impact of US Elections on the Mortgage Industry

It has been an eventful year for the mortgage industry with all-time low mortgage rates, important policy

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how the best mortgage los addresses industry pain points

How the Best Mortgage LOS addresses Industry Pain Points

Today’s customer demands convenient digital solutions and prompt service. The mortgage

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how is mortgage process automation transforming the mortgage industry

How is Mortgage Process AutomationTransforming the Mortgage Industry?

When you are expecting quick results, manual, time-consuming

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blockchain technology transforming the mortgage lifecycle

Blockchain Technology - Transforming the Mortgage Lifecycle

Blockchain has grabbed the attention of almost all industries

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do you have the right mortgage los

Do you have the right Mortgage LOS?

With a possible impact of the upcoming US presidential elections, Origination Fees and Discount

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make the right choice for mortgage crm

Make the right choice for Mortgage CRM

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” This quote by renowned business author

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what is mortgage los and its key features

What is Mortgage LOS and its Key Features

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate is high though some businesses have

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transforming the mortgage lifecycle covid-19 and the mortgage Industry

Transforming the Mortgage Lifecycle - Covid-19 and the Mortgage Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused industries, around the globe, to rethink the way they do

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mortgage process automation mortgage audits perspective

Mortgage Process Automation – A Mortgage Audits Perspective

In the Mortgage industry, technology is playing a vital role in enhancing the way lenders and

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mortgage industry rates covid 19 its impacts

Mortgage Industry Rates, COVID-19, and its Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique situation for global markets. The upside to this

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cash out refinancing

Cash-out Refinancing

Home purchases have seen a dip in April-May 2020 due to the economic crisis caused by the

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covid-19 and the mortgage forbearance story

COVID-19 and the Mortgage Forbearance Story

Owing to the economic crunch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as of June 2020, about 5 million US

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technology trends causing mortgage disruption

Technology Trends causing Mortgage Industry Disruption

Till a few years ago, it would’ve been far-fetched to think about AI/ML, Blockchain, Big Data being

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digitization of the mortgage industry

Digitization of the mortgage industry

Digitization is called to transform the mortgage CRM industry by discussing issues varying from experience

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how fintech

How fintech is bringing fragmented IT systems together in the 8 trillion mortgage industry?

Fintech is a combination of the expressions “finance” and “technology” and applies to any

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the role of technology in mortgage lending

The Role of Technology in Mortgage Lending

The U.S mortgage industry is experiencing a wave of technological innovation as millennials (22 percent)

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customer experience

Customer experience - the differentiator in US Mortgage industry

A customer experience is a way the customer engages and experiences to your product or service.

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Why every mortgage lender needs to consider investing in a powerful Mortgage CRM Software!

Modern consumers have come to expect that companies understand

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